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Friday, January 12, 2018

Dancing Dots

Are the dots in this optical illusion jumping from side to side, jumping up and down, or going around the square? The poster at reddit gave "widdershins" as an option. People see it differently, even though our brains tell up they are only four dots flashing on and off. Or are there just two dots? Honestly, the gif only has two frames, each with two dots. Whether that's two dots moving or four dots flashing means nothing.

I could only see it as two dots jumping up and down, until I scrolled down. When only half the gif is visible, I saw the visible dot moving horizontally back and forth. But I couldn't maintain that illusion -as soon as I brought the full picture back into view, they started jumping up and down to me. There are other gifs posted at Digg that show the same illusion at faster and slower speeds, in case that makes a difference in the way you see them move.  

Source: Dancing Dots

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