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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Sánchez to Rajoy: "Speaking is about time, the Constitution is updated"

The leader of the PSOE , Pedro Sanchez , has reproached this Wednesday the President of the Government, Mariano Rajoy , who this week has said that he has agreed with him to "talk" about the Constitution : "Speaking is about time, the Constitution defends itself, Applies and updates. "
In an intervention after collecting the special mention that Cambio16 magazine has given him as politician of the year, Sánchez has assured that Rajoy has two options: defend his electoral interests "that are legitimate" or be the president of the Government of Spain "and attend to the needs of all Spanish citizens. " "I hope, I wish and I will work to make it the second, not the first", he added.
Sanchez has insisted that the commitment he reached with Rajoy was "defending, applying and updating the Constitution " and that is why it was agreed to open a parliamentary committee in Congress to evaluate the territorial model , and in six months the subcommittee on constitutional reform "to see the perimeter" of the update of that standard.

"Political regeneration"

The Secretary General of the Socialists has also stressed that the unity of Spain is not guaranteed by decree, "is guaranteed and built" articulating a project of national political regeneration , where they must be - he insisted - "the updating of our norm of coexistence "

Sanchez has referred to the process of primaries , which allowed him to regain leadership, and has considered that "the great lesson" of that process was to demonstrate that the crisis of democracy is answered "with more democracy". And for this reason, he remarked that the primary process was "authentic, with competition and debate" and, consequently, with projects confronted.

Sanchez added that in the end a century-old organization like the PSOE what it does is "self-transform" with the direct vote of the militancy and relocate the party "in a left-center political project, rooted in the principles and values ​​of social democracy "

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