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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Questionable Life Hacks You Should Totally Try

Life hacks are supposed to improve our lives and make annoying tasks easier to manage, and these life hacks are usually "invented" by people who came up with a quick and easy way to do something on the fly.

However, their improvised nature is exactly what makes life hacks so hit and miss, because systems devised in a flash usually fall apart under scrutiny.

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Take these AquaFresh nails for instance- they look just fine from afar, and would probably work great for a photo shoot, but anyone who looks closer is going to think you're a nutjob for using toothpaste as nail polish.

And zeroing out the tip on your restaurant check doesn't make you a budget-conscious diner- it just makes you a cheap jerk.

That's the beauty of these extremely questionable life hacks- they're not supposed to work, but many of them seem like they actually might work so naive and gullible people will try them out just to see.

So get out there and share these questionable life hacks with gusto, then get ready to bust a gut as the boneheads you know slip on a pair of "waterproof socks".

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