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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Pixelmator Pro for Mac is now available, we have tested it and this is what has impressed us the most

The first time that Pixelmator Pro was announced was last September 5, when the creators of Pixelmator showed us a first preview of their new editing and design app focused on professionals. Almost three months later, Pixelmator Pro 1.0 Whirlwind is available for the public , and its features are incredible.

The application for macOS seeks to offer a real alternative to the Adobe suite in macOS. With powerful editing tools and content creation, Pixelmator Pro focuses on the professional sector, for Pixelmator is sometimes not enough. This has also served as an excuse to adapt the latest developments of macOS: artificial intelligence, Metal 2, OpenCL, Core Image ... Anyway, I've been able to try Pixelmator Pro for a while, and there are a number of features that have impressed me From the first moment.

Non-destructive editing, artificial intelligence and a huge integration with macOS

It is not easy to explain all the news that Pixelmator Pro brings , because they are a few. However, by testing the application one realizes that it is a really powerful application. This does not mean that it is complicated to use, the developers of Pixelmator have managed to combine workflows and simplify the tools in such a way that Pixelmator Pro is practically the one who works for you . It reduces the work we have to do, it tends to automate and simplify tasks.

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Dynamic brushes, more textures and more realism

When you paint with the Pixelmator Pro brushes you will have the feeling that it is magic, really. Thanks to Metal 2 and artificial intelligence, everything is much more natural, fluid and contextual . There are endless brushes and textures, which makes everything more realistic. A clear and direct example, watch the demonstration video in which they reproduce a graffiti :

Real-time and non-destructive effects

One of the characteristics of Pixelmator at the time was the effects, it was a simple and easy way to modify our images and give them a unique touch. In Pixelmator Pro is even better, there are more than 40 effects, do not destroy the images because they can be activated and deactivated to our liking, you can save custom effects and all work with the power of the GPU of our Mac .


More organized, more layer control

Something basic for me when designing, editing or creating graphic content on a computer is to be able to control the millimeter (pixel in this case) everything I do. That's why guides, smart guides and alignment are basic. In Pixelmator Pro it is very easy to align, order, distribute and adjust the elements . In addition to this, we can control any edition by layers, so that the edition is not destructive, but we can reverse each element separately. Something that has left me with an open mouth: the new layers can be named with a coherent name to the content.

The tools in general, are easier to use

Retouch, select, add sharpness, add shadows, add text, add styles ... are the typical tools of an image editor, but they work differently in Pixelmator Pro. Normally this type of tools need a good precision by the user to select the right, erase the right, retouch the appropriate or turn the precise. In Pixelmator Pro the tools help you enormously and thanks to artificial intelligence they do exactly what we had in mind . These are things that we already had in Pixelmator, but now it is simply easier and at the same time with more options.


You will not miss Lightroom to edit in RAW

Forget about Lightroom to edit an image in RAW, with Pixelmator Pro you have everything you need and more. The edition is once again non-destructive, and allows us to modify colors, lights, tones, saturation, contrast ... It also has curious details, such as a histogram by colors , which determines which are the most relevant colors of the image and allows us to modify them gradually. As a negative point you can not edit images in batch, something basic for many photographers.

Integrated with full macOS

What he has always liked in Pixelmator is that it is an app made for Mac computers . This has made it intuitive and easy to use for users of macOS, unlike others like Adobe Photoshop, which has a universal interface for all platforms. In Pixelmator Pro we also have a design totally adapted to macOS. But in addition to this, the app takes advantage of all the functions of high Sierra macOS possible, as well as hardware features exclusive to the Mac, such as Metal 2 or the FaceTime camera. And of course, rest assured that it will be updated with each new MacOS, as Pixelmator has done in recent years.


Pixelmator Pro, price and availability

Pixelmator Pro is now available in the App Store . Its price is 64.99 euros during its launch and does not have any subscription. After the launch period, its price will rise to 99.99 dollars, which will surely become 109.99 euros. You can try the application for 30 days completely free, after which you must pay the license. Its price may seem high (and it is), but it is not an app focused on the public, it is for people who can take advantage of it and amortize it for their work, it is a professional app.

Is it worth buying Pixelmator Pro? Well, it depends on how we use it. Do you currently fall short with Pixelmator? Try Pixelmator Pro . Does Pixelmator have functions for you that you do not even know what they are for? Stay with Pixelmator. If you do not have any of them, it might be better to start with Pixelmator, unless you work with advanced features in Photoshop or similar apps.

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