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Monday, November 27, 2017

Olaf is Delaying Coco

The new Disney/Pixar film Coco was the top movie of the 5-day Thanksgiving weekend, bringing in $71.2 million. But what people are talking about is the short that preceded it, an ad for the 2019 sequel to Frozen called Olaf's Frozen Adventure. It's 21 minutes long and contains four songs. Some people were confused, thinking they'd gone into the wrong theater, while others just became more annoyed by the minute at how long it was. 

But it shouldn’t have been a surprise if they had listened to audiences in Mexico who had similar complaints about the short. Several reports indicate that fan reactions in Mexico to the short led to its removal ahead of Coco, with Cinemex confirming theaters were now showing a version of the film without the short included.

According to animator/artist Julieta Col├ís, she waited until the short was removed from the film in Mexican cinemas before seeing the film and had heard many complained about the length of the featurette compared to the shorts attached to Pixar films in the past.  

Um, yes. That's exactly what happened. Looking at the bright side, you can be very late to the theater and still catch the beginning of Coco.

Source: Olaf is Delaying Coco

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