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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Microsoft’s Visual Studio gets new tools to help developers embrace AI

Microsoft announced today that its Visual Studio integrated development environment is getting a new set of tools aimed at easing the process of building AI systems.

Visual Studio Tools for AI is a package that’s designed to provide developers with built-in support for creating applications with a wide variety of machine learning frameworks like Caffe2, TensorFlow, CNTK and MXNet.

Once users have coded up models inside Visual Studio, the AI tools make it easier for them to send that code off to Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform for training and deployment. Visual Studio Tools for AI integrates with Azure Batch AI for training, and Azure Machine Learning for deploying a model into production.

Launching these tools brings a host of advanced capabilities to developers in a point-and-click format that would have previously required the use of a command line interface. It should make building AI systems more accessible for a class of developers that

The news comes as part of a broader set of AI-focused features Microsoft launched for developers at its Connect conference in New York today. The company also opened the beta version of Azure IoT Edge, which is designed to help bring cloud capabilities like the execution of AI models to embedded devices.

It’s an important service for situations where hardware doesn’t always have a consistent network connection, but could still use the intelligent capabilities that AI models and other compute functionality can provide.

On top of that, Azure SQL Database, Microsoft’s managed version of its popular SQL Server data platform, gained support for using R models for analyzing information stored by customers. Using that feature is supposed to help customers make predictions more quickly, since the same system doing the analysis is also the one storing the data being analyzed.

Microsoft made a number of other announcements around its cloud services and developer tools, including a raft of additional capabilities meant to help optimize the modern developer workflow, and a host of updates to its Cosmos DB managed database service.

Source: Microsoft’s Visual Studio gets new tools to help developers embrace AI

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