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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Google’s new Datally app helps you track and conserve your mobile data

Google has taken another small step toward its mission to connect the “next billion” users with a new app designed to optimize your mobile data usage.

Datally for Android has been in testing for several months in the Philippines, but now it’s ready for prime time globally.

How it works

To activate Datally, you will have to give the app access to many facets of the device, including the ability to “make and manage calls,” “send and view SMS messages,” and the ability to view the device’s location. But then again, any app that wants to monitor background processes on your smartphone will need fairly comprehensive access to the device.

Datally offers a “Data Saver” feature that allows you to block data from certain apps or all background data usage, effectively meaning only the app that’s currently active on your screen will consume mobile data. The app also tracks real-time usage of each app that’s currently in use, which Google likens to a “speedometer” for your data. It also shows you which apps are using the most data.

Additionally, Datally can help surface nearby public Wi-Fi hotspots to help save data from your mobile plan — you may also be prompted to rate the quality of a network so Google can learn whether it’s any good.

Above: Datally: Activate

Moreover, Datally serves up a bunch of stats showing you how you use your mobile data on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, while a graph also breaks things down on an hour-by-hour basis.

This may help determine that one specific app is responsible for the majority of your mobile data usage, and you can change your behavior accordingly — so rather than downloading your work PDFs on the train to the office, you can wait until your on a speedy Wi-Fi network instead.

Above: Datally: Manage data

New features coming up, according to Google, include being able to check your balance and receive a reminder when your monthly billing cycle is about to expire, while it will also be able to serve up notifications warning you when you’re using too much data.

It is worth noting here that that Android itself and many existing apps already replicate many of these features, but some users may be happier giving over device access to Google — which already knows a lot about us anyway — rather than a random third-party company. Plus, Datally does actually offer a pretty slick interface.

Next billion

Google has made no secret of its plans to target the so-called “next billion” internet users — it wants to encourage more people to invest in smartphones and, subsequently, use Google services.

In emerging markets such as India, Google has been rolling out Wi-Fi services to hundreds of train stations, a program that recently expanded into other parts of Asia. And back in April, the company rolled out a new “offline first” YouTube app specifically for India, while it’s wooing locals with a new peer-to-peer payments app too.

But it isn’t just emerging markets that want to conserve data, which is why Datally is being made available everywhere. And in addition to worrying about mobile data consumption, smartphone users are concerned about physical storage on their device, which is an issue specifically for those with lower-end devices with limited built-in capacity — and that’s why Google launched a dedicated file-management app a few weeks back.

Datally is available globally now for any phone running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and over — which is roughly 80 percent of all Android phones currently in use.

Source: Google’s new Datally app helps you track and conserve your mobile data

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