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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Google Search now shows estimated salary ranges for online job listings

Google has announced a number of updates designed to help job hunters in the U.S. find gainful employment directly through Google Search.

By way of a quick recap, the internet giant announced the Google for Jobs program at the company’s annual I/O developer conference back in May, highlighting plans to scour job listings posted across the web and collate them directly within Google Search. A month later, that plan came to fruition as Google revealed tie-ups with Monster, Facebook, Glassdoor, and others to let job hunters find work and receive email alerts when new opportunities arise.

Since its launch, Google said that nearly two-third of employers in the U.S. have shown some positions in Google Search. Fast forward five months, the company is now doubling down on its efforts to make Google Search a destination in its own right for those seeking work.

For starters, the broader job search functionality was only available on the desktop and through mobile phones before, but now it’s available on tablets too. But in addition to basic information about a job, Google Search will now reveal salary information — not necessarily how much a company is offering for a specific advertised position, but estimated salary ranges based on job titles, location, and the employer. This data is garnered from the likes of PayScale, Glassdoor and LinkedIn.

However, when an employer does list a specific salary, Google Search will compare the figure to an estimated range, thereby helping job hunters decide whether it’s worth applying for a role.

Above: Salaries

This isn’t restricted to third-party recruitment platforms that have specifically partnered with Google, any company that lists salary information, including specific figures and estimates, can tweak their web pages so that they’re included in job search results.

Other new features landing in Google Search include more controls over location, with users now able to filter by distance from a desired location, for example “up to 2 miles” or “up to 30 miles.”

Above: Google Search: Jobs & location

Additional search features include the ability to choose which job search engine to use to apply for a job when a position is listed across multiple sites such as CareerBuilder or Monster. And in the coming weeks Google will also allow users to save jobs directly within Google Search by hitting a bookmark button.

Recruitment drive

number of well-cited studies suggest that a global workforce crisis is looming, with reports highlighting a labor shortage / surplus imbalance and the possible implications. This has led to a spike in investments across the online recruitment realm, with myriad startups raising big bucks to help match the right people with the right jobs.

Google has been very much part of this push too in recent months, with a number of new initiatives including a recruitment app called Hire that integrates with Gmail and other G Suite services. And a couple of months back Google released its Cloud Job Discovery service in beta, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help employers match job vacancies with people.

Source: Google Search now shows estimated salary ranges for online job listings

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