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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

GitHub adopts Microsoft’s tool for supporting massive software projects

GitHub has adopted Microsoft’s tool for managing large scale source code repositories, according to a joint announcement made as part of the latter company’s Connect conference in New York today.

Over the course of the coming months, GitHub will add support for the Git Virtual File System (GVFS) project to its product, making it easier for developers to work with source code repositories that contain hundreds of thousands or millions of files.

GVFS came out of Microsoft’s move to put all of the Windows source code in a single centralized location using Git, an open source control system. The problem with using Git for such a large codebase is that it’s designed for smaller projects that it makes sense for developers to download in their totality, not massive code bases like Windows.

What’s more, while the source code behind projects like Windows will contain millions of files, individual developers don’t need to have access to all of them. Typically, users will only need a subset of those total files, but maintaining a single Git repository provides advantages for overall workflow when it comes to dealing with a piece of software.

GVFS is designed to fix that problem by letting developers only pull down the code that they need from a repository when they need it, without requiring them to download an entire code base with millions of files. GitHub’s support means that the project will have additional traction going forward, and will also benefit the developer tool company, since it will be able to provide services for more enterprises with large source code bases.

This news is part of a raft of announcements Microsoft made today, including other ones that focused on improving the developer workflow, making it easier to create AI systems, and improvements to its Cosmos DB managed database service.

Source: GitHub adopts Microsoft’s tool for supporting massive software projects

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