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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Fortnite is updated: 4K on Xbox One X, smoke grenades at Battle Royale and more


'Fortnite' has been updated few minutes ago with the patch 1.9.1 which, among other things, adds support for 4K resolution on Xbox One X . According to the official information published by Epic, the result is comparable to putting the game in "epic" quality in its PC version.

In Xbox One X, thanks to 4K, improvements are included in the resolution of textures and shadows, reflections, anti-aliasing, depth of field, drawing distance, and more. The contents are rendered at 80% of the 4K resolution and subsequently resampled to 4K with high-quality resampling software. The HUD, on the other hand, does render directly in 4K.

In addition to this and to solve a handful of errors, the update comes with new markers and smoke grenades for the Battle Royale mode on the one hand, and nine new weapons for the Save the World mode on the other.


The new Battle Royale markers are these:
  • Global victories : a global marker that will highlight the 50 best players in the selected game queue. It is measured by victories.
  • Score : is measured by the total amount of experience gained.
The rest of the notes of the patch, which as I said before are composed mostly of errors solved, is available on the official website of Epic .
Note: for some reason the information regarding Xbox One X 4K does not appear in the Spanish version of the notes, but in the original. Here you have it .

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