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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Facebook is forcing some users to upload a selfie in order to continue using the social network

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook is implementing a new Captcha to prove that you are who you say you are. The social network has begun to ask some users to verify their identity and prove that they are not bots uploading a photograph of themselves.

This new verification process is already active , and in the lower tweet we can see a capture of the message that some accounts are already receiving:

This is how this 'Face Captcha' works

To begin, they ask us to upload a photograph in which we show our clear face, in order to prove that we are who we say we are. For its part, Facebook ensures that they will delete the photograph of their servers immediately after performing this check.

A representative of Facebook has confirmed the existence of this new functionality, adding that "it will help detect suspicious activities in different points of interaction with the social network":

  • Creating a new account
  • Sending friend requests
  • Establishing the payment method for advertising
  • Creating or editing ads
Several users already complained a few months ago.
Interestingly, a user of Reddit and reported it seven months ago , ensuring that "Facebook does not let you enter your account, asking for a picture of him and saying it was invalid." Several users answered that entry, complaining about the same issue:

Window Y Facebook Won T Let Me Login Asks For Me To Upload Picture Of Myself Then Says Picture Is Invalid Socialmedia
Do not forget that Facebook has recently been involved in the controversy related to Russia and the false accounts that managed to hire advertising during the last elections in the United States. 126 million users saw these ads.

It seems that lately the social network is determined to upload photos of us . Earlier this month they launched an initiative to fight vengeful porn, allowing potential victims to upload intimate photos before anyone can publish them without their permission.
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