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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Edge Imaging, new software package designed for creative work with Sony cameras

Sony Imaging Edge 01

The multinational Sony has launched a kind of suite of applications designed to improve working together with their digital cameras and achieve better results. Imaging Edge is composed of three tools, Viewer , Edit and Remote , which allow you to search, adjust and reveal images in RAW format , in addition to taking pictures remotely from the computer connected to the camera.

Sony Imaging Edge 02

Specifically, the Viewer module allows you to explore and search for images, filter photos by rating or enable the development of several images simultaneously. For its part, Edit is designed to adjust the brightness and color of images, apply creative styles to photographs, crop images, straighten crooked photos and convert images adjusted to JPEG or TIFF formats.

Finally, Remote has been created to take pictures according to the configuration of the computer with the camera connected via USB allowing live viewing and control of the shot as well as the capture of images without interruption. In addition, and as a major new feature, it allows capturing images with a higher resolution using the multiple shot technique with pixel shift .

Sony Imaging Edge 03 
This is the aspect of the Viewer, Edit and Remote modules of Imaging Edge.

It is a technique that we have already seen in models of other brands and that Sony calls multiple shot with pixel shift . Through it the camera takes four images RAW moving a pixel image sensor using the SteadyShot function that incorporate the Sony Alpha series camera and allows you to generate images with higher resolution than in a normal shot. In this case, the four RAW images are easily combined in the computer using the Imaging Edge Viewer module and are performed either through the Remote tool or directly in the camera.

Of course, the suite is designed to switch between the three applications depending on what you want to do at any time and to use the most popular formats such as JPEG and TIFF, as well as raw ARW / ARQ files.

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