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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Ducati World is born, a new thematic leisure area of ​​Ducati. Tremble Disneyland!

Ducati World 01

If you are a Ducati fan and you also like amusement parks, you are in luck. Parques Reunidos, the company that owns a large network of theme and leisure parks, has announced the creation of the Ducati World, a new thematic area that will be inside the Mirabilandia park in Italy.
The union between Parques Reunidos and Ducati will allow visitors of what is the second largest amusement park in all of Italy to enjoy that environment so characteristic of Ducati. Of course, the dream of more than one Ducatist and that at the same time will serve so that the spirit of the brand of Borgo Panigale can continue to extend to the general public.

35,000 square meters of fun ducatista style

Ducati World 03

Ducati World will have an area of 35,000 square meters in which the different leisure offers will be housed. In this area attractions, a possible exhibition area and also the typical merchandising stores will be installed in which Ducati tiffosi will be able to buy all the products of the red signature.
With the clear concept of trying to transmit the passion for the world of motorbikes, the people in charge of the project have confirmed that the Ducati World star in terms of attractions is a roller coaster that will incorporate advanced technology. This attraction aims to convey sensations close to those of piloting one of Ducati's beasts .

Ducati World 04

Likewise, the area will have simulators and virtual reality attractions . In order for the little ones to get infected with the biker spirit, children's attractions will also be built. Of course, a good way to go "manufacturing" the ducatistas of the future.

Although it is not confirmed yet, there is the option of also building a museum area in which the objective would be to show the main models of the brand and also create a journey through the history of Ducati from its beginnings to the present. In order to enjoy it, we will have to wait until 2019 . So you know, you can go planning the trip to Italy with time.

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