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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Collection of native ornamental fish from Corrientes pasá

Hello people, I wanted to post this a while ago, it got bugged and I had to start again with the amount of photos to upload it's a kick in the eggs to do it again. 

Well, as those who follow me know, as a hobby I collect native ornamental fish to photograph them and I keep many at home, so almost always when I collect it is only to photograph and release again, from time to time I bring something.

It is a somewhat long post so I hope you enjoy everything. 

This is the place on the outskirts of the town, a sewer I'm going to get copies to photograph. 

The collected the first day. Corydoras aeneus. Astyanax sp. 








The second day. The place. 


Fishing this time if it was good. Hoplias sp. (a kind of tarucha) 


Pseudocorynopoma doriae (mojarra de veil) 




Pterobunocephalus depressed (O guitarrita Banyo) Pterygoplichthys bronze. 











Fourth going to the sewer. Pseudocorynopoma doriae. Cichlasoma dimerus. Rhamdia quelen (black catfish or toad) Hoplosternum littorale (cascarudo) Callichthys callichthys (cascarudo) Lepthoplosternum pectorale (small-ear or small-hulled). Gymnotus sp. (brunette or knife fish) Apistogramma borelli female. 













































Fifth trip to the sewer, the collection was beautiful. Hoplias sp.  

Another one a little bigger. Hoplosternum littorale. Corydoras aeneus Pseudocorynopoma doriae (male with its veil fins) This time the place was freshly cleaned by the bulldozers of the municipality, it is an annual procedure that kills thousands of fish and takes a month or two to replace specimens in their populations with spawning almost immediate. 























After the cleaning, a few days passed without fish activity that indicated a good population group in the species of the place, the extractions were few specimens per species. until I managed to give one of these days with a nice collection in the place.  

Hoplias sp. 





Hoplosternum littorale. 


Some Corydoras Corydoras undulatus. Corydoras aeneus. Apistogramma borelli juvenile male. Steindachnerina biornata (lagoon sabalito) Aphyocharax anisitsi Otocinclus arnoldi Another Rhamndia quelen. Synbranchus marmoratus juvenil (Creole eel) This was the place yesterday and full of fish. Cichlasoma dimerus. Crab (Trichodactylus borellianus) 


















































That's all in this post I will continue to show what I have in the aquarium in another post to not make it longer to this, hahaha I leave some videos of collections. 









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