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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Christopher Plummer already takes the place of Kevin Spacey in the new trailer of 'All the money in the world'

Christopher Plummer on All the Money in the World

How fast! On November 9 it was announced that Ridley Scott was going to eliminate Kevin Spacey from his new movie after the controversial accusation of sexual harassment of a minor. 'All the money in the world' was already ready to be presented, but Scott faced the challenge of replacing one of the stars without changing the premiere date and we can see that he has achieved it.

From today circulates a new trailer with Christopher Plummer instead of Spacey , playing the billionaire J. Paul Getty in this thriller based on real events. Unlike Spacey, who was unrecognizable, Plummer has not needed a flashy makeup for this role. Scott's move now allows the film to be considered again as an Oscar nominee , something unthinkable three weeks ago ...

Apparently, it took only 10 days of filming, although 10 million dollars were spent to erase the presence of Kevin Spacey. During the premiere of his latest film, 'The man who invented Christmas' , Christopher Plummer made a statement about his amazing signing in 'All the money in the world' and the circumstances that have made it possible:

"I think it's very sad what happened to him, Kevin is a very talented actor, tremendously gifted, and he's so sad, it's a shame ... It's not really replacing him: it's starting all over again. What happened to Kevin, but what can I do? I have a role, I admire Ridley Scott and I'm excited to make a movie with him, I competed for this role years ago, so it was familiar to me, and when Ridley came to I wanted to work with him, he's very good, I love the script, it's wonderful, it'll be hard but it's exciting, it's worth jumping in. I'm used to great roles and lots of dialogue. "

Michelle Williams, Mark Wahlberg, Timothy Hutton, Olivia Grant and Romain Duris, among others, complete the cast of the film. Sony releases it on December 22 in the United States; Spanish cinemas will arrive later, on February 2. As you can see, Spacey has also been eliminated from the posters of 'All the money in the world':

All the Money of the World

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