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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Baleri celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Juliette chair with a limited edition in champagne color ideal for Christmas

Luigicarboni Phmichelesereni Hr

Coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the Juliette chair by Hannes Wettstein, Baleri Italia has decided to pay tribute to this iconic design with a limited edition of one hundred pieces in champagne color , all numbered and with the signature of the designer, whose tone is ideal for the celebration of Christmas and the New Year that is approaching.

True to its innovative spirit, the company is promoting, at the same time, a project that celebrates the crossroads of art and design, curated by Aldo Parisotto and in collaboration with the Studio La Città gallery in Verona. In this project, three contemporary artists , united by their continuous chromatic exploration, have chosen the Juliette Chair in a color with which they have a great affinity, and have been immortalized by three different photographers in so many emblematic portraits.

Baleriitalia Juliette Limitededitionchampagne 01

As for the champagne color edition, we are talking about one hundred pieces, all carefully numbered and with the engraved signature of the designer Hannes Wettstein , specially produced in this tone to celebrate an emblematic landmark of Made in Italy design. Each chair will come specially packaged and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and uniqueness. The limited edition of the Juliette chair will be available from the end of this month of November 2017 until they are all sold, at a price of 469 euros plus VAT.

Jacobhashimoto Phyukotorihara Hr

On the other hand, the project conceived by Aldo Parisotto together with the Studio La Città gallery in Verona, promotes constructive dialogue and synergy between three creative fields: art, photography and design , which are and must always be in constant connection between them. Luigi Carboni , in the first image of this article; Herbert Hamak , in the photo below these lines and Jacob Hashimoto , in the image on this paragraph are, together with the Juliette chair, the great protagonists.
Herberthamak Phwolfganggunzel Hr

The color becomes the connecting thread that unites artistic experimentation with the product: the Juliette chair, with its light steel rod frame that, precisely because of its different colors, becomes a versatile and highly identifiable piece of furniture, capable of integrate harmoniously different interior design schemes.

The photography of the project was entrusted to three different professionals, Yuko Torihara, Wolfgang Günzel and Michele Alberto Sereni , invited to capture in a single click the synergy derived from a meeting between each artist and Juliette. The artist studios, located in New York, Pesaro and Hammelburg, served as emblematic and international backdrops for the project.
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