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Monday, November 27, 2017

Award winners of the Plastic Biennial

Award winners of the Plastic Biennial
Photo: Courtesy

After several months of preparation throughout the convocation of the 2017 Plastic Biennial of Baja California, the awarding of the selected winners of each category was carried out.

The categories divided into four were: Three-dimensional Work, Drawing, Painting and Graphic Work.

Of more than 280 works received by artists from all over Baja California of the different disciplines, the selection was reduced to 38 selected from the different municipalities of the entity.

To those who were granted a record of participation, just for the fact of being part of this call that chooses the best artists in the region.

The ceremony was held on Friday, November 24 in the Conference Room of the State Center for the Arts (Ceart) of Mexicali.

Where the main winners of each category were: in three-dimensional work, Emma Jatziri López with the series 'Litorales 2017'; in Painting, Roberto Gandarilla Madrid for 'My World, Woman and Bones' 2017; in Drawing: Alba Esperanza Aguirre Arzate, with 'Sidereal Cumulus' 2015; and in Graphic Work: Pedro Manuel Mota García for 'Stranger Song Tower of Song. The Land of Plenty ', 2016.

Authorities present

The awards ceremony was given by the general director of the Institute of Culture of Baja California (ICBC), Manuel Felipe Bejarano Giacoman; Arturo López Corella, Notary No.14, Francisco Espinoza Ramírez, director of Ceart Mexicali; Ángel Hernández García, director of Promotion and Dissemination; and Jaime Brambila, head of Plastic and Visual Arts.

The jury was also made up of Sandra Paéz, Angélica Carrasco and Erick Parso, experts in fine arts.

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