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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Ask for respect for autonomy


The elected mayor of Torreón, Jorge Zermeño, responded yesterday to the position expressed Monday by the elected governor of Coahuila, Miguel Riquelme, on the relationship between the State and the municipalities in terms of security. He said that "of course" there will be coordination with the state government but respecting municipal autonomy.

"I believe that there has to be coordination and collaboration and that the different orders of government have their own powers as the Constitution states ... in the case of municipalities, according to Article 115, provide public safety in the field of prevention ", He said.

The declarations of Zermeño (PAN) are given a day after Riquelme (PRI) announced adjustments in security and said that although there is municipal autonomy framed in article 115, it is necessary to take into account also the vision of State.

Riquelme also spoke about promoting the State's Mandu Único and not moving the Municipal Tactical and Special Weapons Group (GATE) to another city, created when he was mayor of Torreón.
Zermeño said that he understands that he is not under the control of the municipal police. "If they are coordinated by the state police, then they have to be coordinated with the state police, if they are going to be under municipal police, they will have to coordinate within the municipal corporation."
He added that "there must be a unified command on the issue of security at the municipal level and an elite or specialized group must coordinate their work and efforts to investigate and prosecute the crime in the area that corresponds to it, without being a body that is disintegrated from the municipal police itself. " And he stressed the importance of seeking citizen collaboration to improve security.
Almost a month after entering office, when asked when the representatives of his team will begin to get involved in the operational and logistical aspects of security, he responded: "when they open the door and let us know the whole issue of public safety."

Regarding the indicator evaluation meetings, he said: "I have not been invited, I have had meetings with the Public Security Council."

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