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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

56 years of the first earth orbit of a chimpanzee

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Enos became the first chimponauta to complete an orbit to Earth on November 29 as it does today, 56 years ago.

The Enos flight was a dress rehearsal for the launch of Mercury on February 20, 1962, which would make John Glenn the first American to orbit the Earth.


Enos went around the world in orbit, unlike many other people who go around the world on the surface of the planet .

To accomplish this feat, Chimpanzee Enos conducted 1,250 hours of training at the University of Kentucky and the Holloman Air Force Base. His training included psychomotor training and aircraft flights, teaching him the maneuvers he had to perform during the flight, through a reward-punishment system .

On November 4, 1962, Enos died of dysentery . Enos or Enosh, in the book of Genesis of the Hebrew Bible, is the first son of Set who figured in the Generations of Adam.

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