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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Invasion from the 23rd Century

Redditor Blueyeguy (standing in the red shirt) and a few friends beamed down from the Enterprise into a Renaissance Fair in Minnesota. They are blatantly violating the Prime Directive with their time travel shenanigans. What do Ren fair enthusiasts think of such party-crashing? According to the comments at reddit, many think it's fine as long as everyone has fun. Some dislike the invasion of the integrity of the fairs. Several said that any costume is better than no costume at all, because so many people at Ren fairs these days are just there to watch and take pictures. And a couple mentioned that the time travel joke has been overdone.

One commenter even mentioned a Ren fair that was invaded by an army of Doctor Who cosplayers. -via reddit

Source: Invasion from the 23rd Century

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