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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Da Crew - Wrecking Stuff Since 1974

Da Crew by Tom McWeeney

There's one group of guys on Spidey's list who really get under his skin because they are so dumb they come back for more again and again- the Wrecking Crew. These four dumbbells of crime can't seem to take a hint, and no matter how many time Spidey piledrives Piledriver into the cement, no matter how many time he wraps Wrecker's crowbar around his neck like a pretzel they always ask for more. It's like they're gluttons for punishment! Maybe the four of them get paid by the pounding?

Show some love for Spidey's most destructive foes with this Da Crew t-shirt by Tom McWeeney, it's a great design that is sure to blow your fellow comic fans minds!

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Source: Da Crew - Wrecking Stuff Since 1974

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